Why join “United Drivers” membership.

Forming a membership organization changes the basic power relationship between the company Uber/Lyft and Drivers. Without a membership organization, Uber/Lyft has almost all the rights in its relationship with drivers. They can change our working conditions at any time as long as they do not commit a breach of contract (that they wrote) or violate certain other limited laws. For instance, Uber/Lyft raised the fee from 10% to 35%. Uber/Lyft cut the fare down to 75% in San Francisco and the Bay Area over the past couple years. Without a group, any benefits we receive are at the discretion of the company Uber/Lyft.

Once you form a united drivers organization, Uber/Lyft cannot make changes in your working conditions unless they are negotiated with you as United Drivers (UD) members. Any benefits or working conditions covered by your contract are protected.

When you negotiate your contract, you and your co-drivers decide what kinds of things could be improved and make proposals to Uber/Lyft. Because we stand united, Uber/Lyft will be obligated to negotiate over most proposals that affect the quality of driving. Forming a united drivers organization gives you strength in numbers to improve your pay and working conditions.

Will everyone have to join?
Forming a united drivers organization can only guarantee one thing: when all drivers stick together, we have more bargaining power than we do as scattered individuals. We encourage all drivers to join and become a member. We need you. You need us. Paul Ryan said “Every successful individual knows that his or her achievement depends on a community of persons working together.” For this reason, in work sites where everyone is a United Drivers (UD) member, drivers find that they can act most effectively as a member because management knows that all drivers are united.

What will forming a united membership guarantee?
United Drivers (UD) will negotiate a contract with Uber/Lyft about benefits, deactivations, ride fare, ride fees, grievances and working conditions. The contract our UD negotiates will be legally binding on the ridesharing company Uber/Lyft. Acting as a United Drivers, drivers can make sure that Uber/Lyft follows the contract. Without a UD contract, you can take your complaints to Uber/Lyft management, but management has the final say on whether to make improvements or correct a problem. With a UD contract, you have help in filing grievances and enforcing your contract. If Uber/Lyft refuses to settle the complaint, the grievance will go to strike. All drivers organized on a platform will freeze from driving for a limited time (a few minutes, few hours or few days – as instructed). The company Uber/Lyft will have no choice but to negotiate the matter.

As a member of United Drivers, does it mean that we can’t deal directly with Uber/Lyft?
You can still talk all you want with the management. Most of the problems may be resolved directly between Uber/Lyft and drivers, but you do not have to take “No” for an answer. As a member, the United Drivers (UD) organization and communication technology is available for you, but only if the member(s) requests that help because he/she has been dissatisfied with attempts to work something out directly with the company Uber/Lyft. Being part of this organization gives you the right to effectively negotiate unfair decisions and force Uber/Lyft to correct unfair actions.

If we form an organization, will we have to go on strike?
The decision to go on strike is very serious and occurs only when Partners feel that they must take dramatic action to protect their rights, earnings, and benefits. Other workers have gone on strike have been able to maintain fully-paid health insurance and avoid pay cuts. United Drivers Members only go on strike if they vote overwhelmingly to do so. The decision about what to fight for and how hard to fight is always up to drivers, United Drivers.

If you are UBER and/or LYFT driver, click the link bellow. Become a member. It is FREE.