UNITED DRIVERS, in conjunction with other drivers associations throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, recently held meetings with national labor organizers and are set to meet with high-level city officials soon. The meetings will address drivers concerns regarding the city governments demands for the payment of current and past years business license fees for City of San Francisco and San Jose, as well as other challenging city ride share matters.
With the upcoming hearing scheduled for June 2 on the matter of the UBER $100 million dollar settlement – we at UNITED DRIVERS are pushing forward to address as many drivers concerns as possible, voicing the objections of the overwhelming majority of drivers to the settlement, as presented, it falls short of meeting the bare minimal level of general consensus amongst drivers – it’s blatantly obvious that it is NOT in the best interest of drivers.
United we stand – Divided we fall! STAY SILENT AND YOU WILL PAY THE PRICE!
Drivers: Now is the time! – Tell everyone you know sign up for UNITED DRIVERS app and download it today – before it’s too late!

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